Fascinatingly Factual

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  • A Parliament of Owls

    A unique collection of stunning photographs and detailed portraits of over fifty of the most striking owl species around the world.

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  • Eureka!

    Discover how the world really works in this spectacular journey through space and time that shows the fundamentals of science in groundbreaking visuals, from the Big Bang to Artificial Intelligence.

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  • Collins Beekeeper’s Bible

    The most comprehensive beekeeping resource ever published.

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  • Forces of Nature

    Sunday Times Bestseller

    A breathtaking and beautiful exploration of our planet, this groundbreaking book accompanies the BBC One TV series, providing the deepest answers to the simplest questions.

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  • Astronomy Photographer of the Year: Collection 5

    All the winning and shortlisted images from the 2016 Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition, which is hosted by the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. Foreword by German fine-art photographer, Wolfgang Tillmans.

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  • Collins Complete Photography Manual

    Everything you need to know about photography, both digital and film, written by a team of experts. This comprehensive and superbly illustrated guide covers all aspects from basic composition to the latest digital know-how and digital darkroom techniques.

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  • Bird Photographer of the Year

    Foreword by Chris Packham

    This beautiful book accompanies a new photographic competition celebrating some of the best bird photography of the year.

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  • The Times Concise Atlas of the World

    A fully revised and updated thirteenth edition of this major world atlas in the authoritative and prestigious Times Atlas range. This beautifully designed atlas has all the information you need, whether planning a trip, keeping in touch with world news, solving quizzes and crosswords or just exploring the world from your armchair.

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  • Wonders of Life

    What is Life? Where did it come from? Why does it end?

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  • The Mysterious World of the Human Genome

    How could a relatively simple chemical code give rise to the complexity of a human being? How could our human genome have evolved? And how does it actually work?

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  • Seeing Further

    Edited and introduced by Bill Bryson, and with contributions from Richard Dawkins, Margaret Atwood, David Attenborough, Martin Rees and Richard Fortey amongst others, this is a remarkable volume celebrating the 350th anniversary of the Royal Society.

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  • Knowledge is Beautiful

    In this mind-blowing follow-up to the bestselling Information is Beautiful, the king of infographics David McCandless uses spectacular visuals to reveal unexpected insights into how the world really works.

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